Project Arrowhead

We at Belize Realty and Management Advisors, have a real passion for the service that we offer. We want our clients to have the comforts of home while living in the jewel that is Belize.

Built around the Valley of Monkey Crib, our stunning houses are to be nestled along the Valley Rim.

This valley is a natural sanctuary, offering a safe haven for wildlife, ranging from the industrious parades

of leaf cutter ants to the national animal of Belize, Baird's Tapir, and the shy retiring Jaguar. Birds numbering 590 species, roost in the broadleaf forest. The owners of these properties will have access into the valley along jungle paths, where they will spot Spider Monkeys and Howler Monkeys, Peccaries, Coatimundis, Gibnuts and Green Iguanas to name but a few. Even the showy Keel-Billed Toucan – the national bird of Belize – delights you with an appearance.

Listening to the Howler Monkeys and intermittent Acorn Woodpeckers, coupled with magnificent views of the jungle canopy, makes for daily entertainment.


A large collection of fruit trees, including Mango, Banana, Coconut and the legendary healing powers of

Sour sap are being planted around the property for both the wildlife and humans.


The vision of Project Arrowhead is to live with the ideal of protecting the wildlife and jungle as much as



Each house will also help to sustain the Environment, using Solar Power and Rainwater Collection

Systems, the properties will be Self Sustaining.

Project Arrowhead, located 3 miles from Bullet Tree Falls, is the next step in Sustainable Land Management, committed to protecting the Naturally Beautiful Jungle Landscape.

Project Arrowhead is situated close to the Ancient Mayan Ruin of 'El Pilar' which dates back to 800BC. El

Pilar was only discovered in 1983 and is still being excavated to this day. This site at its' peak had 180,000

inhabitants who farmed this area. Within Arrowhead we have been very careful to have as little impact on

each site within the Valley, carefully selecting road layouts and house sites that disrupt as little of the

Landscape as possible

We make it our responsibility to ensure our clients are looked after as soon as they arrive in Belize. We want your experience with us to be one you will want to share with your family and friends. If you decide that Project Arrowhead is something you wish to be part of, we will help you settle into life in Belize including monthly Immigration and local authorities. We will always be on hand to help and advise you.

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